Wish Boldy

There is a saying out there, ‘be careful what you wish for’, and I really hate it.

Partly because it is a hindsight statement. One of those pithy quotes that only really works after something has gone wrong. It is passed off as wisdom when, in actuality, it is more insult than anything. It is said by a naysayers who launch these poisoned phrases to anyone within earshot.

Statements like these stealthily sneak into our collective psyche and create unnecessary limiting beliefs for ourselves.

Wishes can be seen as our dreams. When it comes to our dreams, we should not be careful of what we dream for ourselves. We should dream beyond reality, hope for what is seemingly impossible and strive for the absolute best in all we can accomplish.

Whether we wish, dream, hope or pray, do not take the careful path; be bold, be brave, be more than who you are today.


January 3, 2009