The Fn Key Drives Me Fn Crazy

I have previously discussed my frustration with the placement of the Fn key on my Lenovo T61 laptop. When I accidentally pressed Fn+F12 (which puts the computer into hibernate) as opposed to Ctrl+F12 (to pull up Firebug) I decided enough was enough.

I looked at all of the light blue Fn keys on my keyboard and decided that I could do without them. Every function can be done in windows except for the keyboard light. Though, I can't believe that anyone would find that useful anyway. Seriously, isn't the screen bright enough?

I went about popping up the Fn key and thinking of the best way to suppress this key. I initially thought that I could slide a piece of paper between the key and the circuit board, but since the T61 keyboard is waterproof it was not as simple as I hoped. Instead I cut a small slit in the rubber molding for the keyboard button and slipped in a piece of paper.

Now I don't have deal with the unexpected side effects of accidentally pressing the Fn key.


January 3, 2010