My First Pair of FiveFingers the Vibram Sprint

Look at them shoes! Where did you get those? Are they comfortable? Does it hurt your toes? Don't you worry about stepping in something sharp? These are the questions you must be prepared to answer when walking in a pair of Vibram Fivefingers. I got them at Hanig's Slipper Box. They are comfortable once you get used to them. No they don't hurt your toes; actually, they feel more cozy than ever. As for glass, nails and crazy concrete, no, I don't worry about it. The bottoms of these are tough enough. Anyway, it is easy to avoid the perils in the road once you learn to pay attention to where you are walking.

After becoming annoyed with sandals and wearing socks in general, I read this article on going barefoot and these shoes blew my mind. That was about four months ago and I still love these shoes. The first month walking in these is tough. I walk and take the CTA everywhere I go and about all of my paths are concrete streets or sidewalks. This comes a shock for someone who has been wearing padded shoes all their life. What ends up happening is you start walking a bit different. As opposed to striking the ground with my heel (which was fine before when there was about an inch of padding underneath it) to my foot landing on the middle to back outside part of my sole. In the first weeks, you get a sensory overload when you can actually feel the texture of the ground you are walking on.

I still love these shoes and cannot imagine walking anywhere without them. My feet have never received so much attention before and it is always an instant conversation topic. Now, what to do when winter rolls around? Vibram does sell a neoprene padded pair... I can't even fathom the looks I will get then.


June 3, 2009