I Hate the Caps Lock and Insert Keys

2013 Update

I use vim now and have remapped the Caps Lock key to Esc. I've also switched to using my right pinky to press Ctrl while my left fingers press a modifier key to reduce stress in my left pinky.

If you were to look at my keyboard, you would notice some keys missing. Specifically the Caps Lock and Insert keys.

I never use either of these keys. That wouldn't be reason enough to pop them out of my keyboard, but the frustration caused by accidentally clicking them is.

These keys are remnants of the typewriter generation. As we have an appendix, keyboards are still plagued by these evolutionary leftovers. I have yet to hear a compelling argument for keeping these keys on the modern keyboard.

While I am at it, stop cramming a Fn button in the Ctrl Windows Alt section of my laptop keyboard. I know for certain the placement of the Fn and Ctrl are swapped on Dell and Lenovo laptops. Unfortunately, I prefer the Dell placement (between the Ctrl and Windows keys). On my Lenovo I have to contort my pinky to hold Ctrl.

This may mark the first instance of 'Control Pinky'.


May 3, 2009