How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Your Phone Returned

2013 Update

Now that I have a smart phone, I set the Owner info in the Security settings on my android phone to Emergency Contact: xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Over the past years I have come upon a few lost phones that have been left in taxis or restaurants. Usually I can just hand the phone over to the manager of the restaurant or the taxi driver, but sometimes that isn’t an option. In the latter case I flip through the phone looking for a number to call to inform about the phone. Usually there is no ideal listing in contacts that says ‘call me’.

This is why I have added to my phone contact list a ‘.Call if lost’ number. The period at the beginning sorts the entry to the top of the list and makes it very obvious whom too call if your phone is lost and someone tries to call you to return it.


September 3, 2008