#4 How To Say It "The Last Microsecond Of The Most Fleeting Moment"

I didn't realize I was wearing the same style shirt as the Toastmaster until I uploaded this video. In the beginning I remarked 'Thank you coach' to the Toastmaster. This was a play on the March Madness theme where he was introducing the speakers as the starting lineup. This speech was the kind of improvement I was looking for over my last speech. I wanted to give a speech about a topic very sincere to me with a good bit of emotion. I definitely toe the line if not cross it when it comes to my energy level on stage. I am happy with this, because Toastmasters is not necessarialy about giving perfect speeches, but about practicing in a supportive environment where you can experiment with the exremes of your oratory. My transitions were not as smooth as I wanted since I didn't have a framework in place to help the audience follow along; I will improve this in my next speech.

March 19, 2009