#2 Organize Your Speech "Perception of Large Numbers"

My goal with this speech was to experiment with my assumptions about preparation. In my first speech, I over wrote and over prepared. In this speech, I wanted to have, what I considered, a very small amount of notes and prepared dialog. I am still working on the correlation of the amount of content I have prepared and the length of the actual speech. This time, I filled out four note cards, of which, I got through about three and my time was a minute and some over. From this, next time I will compile a light list of key phrases and continue my improvisational fills between those. I will strive to no longer use notes or turn away from the audience even when using visual props. Overall I was very pleased with my performance, the funniest and wittiest parts were not designed that way but evolved from the open nature of my speech's structure. This was an excellent continuation of my progress and I am excited to give more speeches with what I have learned so far.

November 20, 2008