Public Speaking

I was a member of Toastmasters and improved my speaking by practicing, learning from evaluations, and seeing others give speeches.

During each speech, an ah/um counter counts the number of verbal pauses during your speech. There is also a timer who will hold up a green card when you have a minute to go, a yellow card when you have thirty seconds, and a red card when your time has run out. There are ten speeches on the path of becoming a ‘competent communicator’. All attendees have forms so they can evaluate the speakers, but one person (the evaluator) is tasked with giving a speech at the end of the meeting about your speech.

#10 Inspire Your Audience “My Toastmasters Journey”

#9 Persuade With Power "How to get your Hands Dirty"

#5 Your Body Speaks "These Feet Were Made For Walkin'"

#4 How To Say It "The Last Microsecond Of The Most Fleeting Moment"

#2 Organize Your Speech "Perception of Large Numbers"

#1 Icebreaker "5 years old"