Chicago CTA Bus Tracker Gadget for Windows

View estimated arrival times for selected Chicago bus routes.
Windows 7 and Windows Vista compatible.

Download Chicago Bus Tracker Gadget Version 1.1
Updated October 2010: Now uses the official Bus Tracker API
Version 1.1 Changelog

Sofware Development Extras

Windows Gadget Build Script - A powershell script that creates a .gadget file from source

jQuery CTA BusTracker API Plugin - A jQuery plugin that wraps the Bus Tracker API endpoints into javascript methods.
The Same Origin Policy currently prevents using this script outside of a gadget since Windows gadgets do not enforce the Same Origin Policy.

Special thanks to Harper Reed for his work on the Chicago Transit API and Kevin Zolkiewicz for the Chicago Bus Tracker Widget.
This widget was not created by the Chicago Transit Authority.

Chicago Bus Tracker Gadget Source Hosted at GitHub

October 1, 2010